Monday, November 29, 2010

In a Christmas Rush? Shutterfly Saves the Day!

I cannot believe it is almost Christmas! I thought I was doing so good this year!!! Still, I am feeling overwhelmed (and it is not even December yet)! I realized this morning that my kids only have 3 weeks of school left until they are out for Christmas vacation. This means that I basically have 3 weeks to accomplish everything, because once they are out of school...NOTHING productive will get done! We will drink hot chocolate, watch Christmas movies, wrap presents, and just enjoy the season! Before I can do that though...I have some things to check off my list!

Priority #1 is ordering Christmas cards! I LOVE Christmas cards. I adore reconnecting with all those people I lose touch with over the year! I am so entertained reading the family newsletters and seeing pictures of friends and family who live far away. And YES, I love showing off my own kids! Every year I plan out our wardrobe, schedule a photo session, and then plop down with my good friend Shutterfly, and design a knockout card!

My devotion to Shutterfly started three years ago. We were living across the country from our families for the first time. I knew I wanted a Phenomenal card. So, I hunted around until I came across what I thought to be the cutest cards for the best prices. At the time, my kids were 6, 3, and 2! Needless to say, getting a good group picture was nearly impossible! Thankfully, Shutterfly offers so many different designs, that I found one that would work with individual pictures of each of my kids. This is what we sent out for Christmas 2007:

We got so many compliments! I didn't even think twice when Christmas came around the next year! I went straight to Shutterfly! And once again...the site delivered! I had a picture of my kids that captured the pure joy of being a kid at Christmas and Shutterfly had a card to match! Here is our card from 2008 (it is my all time favorite):

Last year, time got away from me! I didn't even have time to take Christmas pictures, so we had to use some that we had taken during the summer! I was worried about how "warm weather" pictures would look on a Christmas card, but Shutterfly came through for me! This is what we put together last year, in 2009:

This year, we have GREAT pictures! I am so thrilled with how they turned out. The hard problem is, there are so many options for cards that I can't make up my mind! Here are a few of the pictures I am thinking about using!

I will be sure and share with you what card we opt for this year! No matter what, I know it will be outstanding!

Shutterfly not only helps me out with Christmas cards, but it is a great site for finding gifts too! One of my favorite things to make is their photo books! We make one every January! We gather all of our pictures from Christmas and compile them into a wonderful book of memories! These are the ones we have made for the past couple of years:

These are great, but Shutterfly does more than just Christmas! We have made books like this to remember vacations:

And my favorites are the ones we make "just because":

Above all this though, the easiest and best gift we have ever given our families is the Shutterfly calendar!

We passed these out to everyone last Christmas and they were a HUGE hit! We have already had requests for another one this year! Our families not only love all the pictures, but also that the calendar is customizable! I enter all the family birthdays and important dates so that they are printed on the calendar and no one has to worry about forgetting anything for the next year!
I hope you are inspired to get your Christmas cards done now...and maybe some gifts too! We are only 27 days from Christmas! Here are some quick links for you so you can jump right on over to Shutterfly and start creating! They have some Unbelievable Specials going on right now! So don't waste any time! Come back and comment and let me know what you create!
Holiday Cards
Christmas Photo Cards
Photo Books
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