Monday, November 8, 2010

Forgetful Much?

I think I am losing my mind! I constantly make lists, even if they are just in my head. I am always reminding myself of what needs to be done, and yet I still forget things! This morning I even forgot it was my day for carpool! Even worse, I convinced my neighbor it was her day to drive the kids! I REALLY did think it was, until about 5 minutes after the boys were gone and then I realized what an idiot I am! Luckily, my neighbor is forgetful too and TOTALLY understands my craziness!

So, the point to this rambling. I forgot to give a big THANKS to Cassie over at Primitive & Proper. She featured my Memory Table at her "Piece of Work Wednesday" link party! Thanks Cassie! Sorry I am so forgetful!

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