Monday, November 15, 2010

Musical Furniture

We have been playing "musical furniture" around here this weekend! We finally joined the 21st century and bought a flat screen TV. Technically it is for Christmas...but I am a bit impatient! Little did I know that one television could cause such drama!

We moved the old armoire into my office (for now it will be storage, but I am sure I will slap some paint on it and sell it eventually!) The piece that was serving as office storage is now living next to my husband's side of the bed (we needed more storage in there!) The old bedside table is now by the front door and the table that use to be there is now in my bathroom.

So, you might be wondering what the new TV is sitting on. Good Question! We have an old buffet that belonged to my mother-in-law, the TV sits on it perfectly. But when we moved it out of our bedroom it left a big hole, which had to be filled by moving the dresser.

Yes! That is 7 pieces of furniture we moved yesterday and some of them were BIG pieces! All I can say is THANK YOU Mr. Rustic! He didn't complain once!!!! I have an AWESOME husband! He totally understands my pathological need for change!

I hope all of you had an equally eventful weekend! I have several projects that I am trying to finish up before Friday (because after that I will be out of town for the full week of Thanksgiving!) I will be sure and post them all for you if my new camera gets here before that! My old one up and died on me, but that is an entirely different story!

Don't forget the deadline to enter the drawing for the Santa picture is Thursday.

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