Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Long Awaited Return

I have been gone for way too long. I miss writing...I miss painting...I miss being creative! But now I am back with a vengeance! Long story short: We took a leap of faith and moved from Mississippi to Oklahoma. We lived with my parents for nine months (yes, everyone survived). And we finally bought a new house a month ago! I wanted to blog and paint and create while we were "homeless", but it just didn't happen. Now though, I have HUGE plans! I have so many plans I can't even keep them all straight in my head.
This blog may change a bit. I still plan on sharing my furniture makeovers and other little projects, but I am also going to chronicle the transformation that is happening in our house. And I will probably throw in a few stories about the kiddos here and there because our family is missing them terribly. I hope you stick around. It is going to be an exciting ride!
Now, on to the reason most of you are here: pictures of the new house. We bought a ranch style house built in 1983. It has everything I wanted: four bedrooms, two living areas, and at least 2500 square feet. It also has a pool, which the kids love! And it was built by an architect, which is perfect! We have lots of light switches, lots of outlets, and LOTS of storage!!! We are about 15 minutes from my mom and dad. Perfect! We are absolutely loving having them in the same town. OK, enough chit chat...here's the house!

That's it! Pretty self explanatory! These pictures are from when the former owners lived here! I will try to get some with all of our stuff moved in. The only room not pictured is one of the kids bedrooms! Let me know what you think! I LOVE feedback!