Friday, September 17, 2010

Who Goes There?

Earlier this week, my friend Kim gave me this antique window to paint for her. We came up with a great plan and I got to work.

I stripped the back and started on the front. After two days of scrubbing and no skin left on my fingers (ok I still have a little skin left)I had to take a break. But I was still in a window kind of mood.

I had a six paned antique window just sitting in my daughter's closet. I had very good intentions of filling it with pictures of her, but that never happened. It was destined for bigger and better things!

The first Christmas after I got married, my mom bought me this window at a flea market.

I have used it every Christmas since. And I apologize for the picture. The window is in storage (behind our water heater) and I couldn't get out because the top is coming loose :( Like I said, it has been well used.

But back to the point! I used this window as my inspiration. It has been a great addition to my Christmas decorations so, wouldn't it be great to have one for Fall! Owls are everywhere right now...even in my daughter's bedroom! They are so cute and just scream AUTUMN to me! So all that being said, check it out:

It is Adorable! I am so tempted to put it over my fireplace for the rest of the season, but no! I am putting it up in the gallery instead! It will have to decorate one of your homes and maybe I can come visit it occasionally. Have a Great weekend. Thanks for stopping by!


kentucky girl (marissa) said...

This is so great! I love it!

David said...

You need a like and really like button

Chrissie said...

Beautiful! I love owls~

Lindy said...

Just checking out the competition! HA! Love your blog - I'm following!