Sunday, September 12, 2010


So my neighbor popped in earlier. She only stayed a minute. She didn't want to get in the way because my "creative juices are overflowing," her words, not mine! But she is right! Since I started this business and this blog, I just can't seem to turn off the creativity! At any given moment I have at least five projects going on and ten more running through my head.

Today, I am in a Halloween mood! When I told Mr. Rustic I wanted to start decorating, he looked at me, very dumbfounded, and said "Now?"

Why not? If Hobby Lobby can have out their Christmas decorations already, what's it going to hurt for me to set out a few pumpkins! So, that's what I am up to this afternoon! I am sorting through what I already have, coming up with a plan for my mantel, and figuring out what else I need to add to my stash this year!

Since I really haven't painted any furniture in a few days, I thougt I would share with you some of the smaller projects I have been working on this weekend!(Please don't judge me on my camera skills. I may be creative, but I am photographically challenged!)

First, because I am in a Halloween kind of mood and it is only 49 days until Candy Collection, here is what I have made for my daughter to trick or treat with this year (my boys are "too old" for anything but a bag):

It is a paint can, of course, covered with vintage Halloween images! It turned out absolutely adorable!

The other project was for a friend who asked me over a month ago to make her a frame. Well, I finally took the time to do it, with my own twist!

I made a magnetic frame, so she can rotate pictures whenever she wants! It's even big enough that she could display more than one picture at a time! I can't wait to see it up in her house!

Neither of these specific projects are for sale, however I would be happy to make a custom one for anyone who asks! Just shoot me an email and we can discuss ideas and prices! It's been a great weekend for me and I hope each of you can say the same! Thanks for stopping by!

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