Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pay No Attention To The Woman Behind The Blog!

Well, it has taken me almost a week, but I am finally getting the party pictures posted! Let's start with the Birthday Girl! She is my supermodel in the making and was ready to pose as Dorothy!

I'm not sure how many details you want to know. So, I am just going to narrate the pictures and if you want directions or more information on something specific, just post a comment and I will pass on the information!

I posted tons of signs, to help set the mood.

This one was on the front door!

This one pointed guests to the backyard, where the party was held.

There was also a balloon rainbow, but somehow we didn't get a picture of that!

I made this banner greet the guests! It hung on the fence as they walked into the party.

Here are some close ups:

The food was probably the most fun to plan (and the easiest to carry out)! I loved planning out the table scape. For the food table, I made a table cloth from blue gingham fabric and trimmed it in red sparkly ribbon. We served Over the Rainbow Snacks (Rainbow Goldfish), Lemon "Poppy" Muffins, and:
Haunted Forest Applesauce

Glinda's Wand-wiches

And Ruby Red Slipper Sugar Cookies

For the Drink Table, I use a white table cloth tied up with blue gingham ribbon.

We served "Wicked Witch's Water",

Auntie Em's Lemonade

And Emerald City Punch

I made labels for all the food and held them up with "Haunted Apples"

But, by far, the show stopper was the cake. Mr Rustic's secretary, Jennifer made it for us.

And she did a PHENOMANAL job!

She added EVERY detail imaginable!

Just look at Ella's face!

And I don't know how she got a rainbow inside...but she DID!!!

We had a Great Day!

Jumping in "Dorothy's House"

Going Down the "Yellow Brick Road"

And Hitting the Pinata!

The Scarecrow and Tinman Showed up to handout Favors!

(So did the Lion, but he was too busy to take a picture)!

There are always a few things you would do differently, but just look at this smile:

That tells me it was a BIG hit!

And well worth all the effort!
Thanks for stopping by!

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Chrissie said...

How sweet! What a great theme for a party! "Dorothy" seems pleased as punch! Good job~