Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Lamp Revamp

Birthday Pictures are coming soon! I am gathering them from everyone who brought a camera to the Party! In the meantime...I have been painting!!!

Our house is undergoing the beginnings of renewal! Mr. Rustic and I have been married almost 11 years and it has taken me that long to really figure out my style! I had a revolution this summer while shopping with my cousin. I LOVE anthropologie!!! I don't usually buy, because I am a thrifter at heart, but I do go to visit them often! If you've ever been in the store then you know exactly the style I am talking about. If not, here are a few shots from stores across the country:

Now, none of these pictures were taken at my local anthropologie, but you get the idea! I love the way it feels like it has been there 100 years and evolved over time. I love a rustic table paired with a fancy chandelier! I Love the vibrant colors mixed with worn wood and bold patterns!

I don't know what you call this style, but I want my house to look just like it! I want random stuff put together in a way that it looks like it belongs! So, I finally got brave and just started attacking my house (with a paintbrush)! Now that I have a definite goal, I am tackling one project and at a time...and on a minimal budget!

I decided to start with my living room and kitchen. I am going to do the two simultaneously, because sometimes finding just the right accessories can be challenging. And if I am redecorating two rooms at once I can look for a wider variety of items! This may be a slow process, but at least I am moving forward!

I tell you all this so you will know where I am headed ...AND... you can give me some feedback! Do you remember this lamp?

I got it FREE during my Estate sale shopping a few weeks ago! I decided it would look GREAT sitting by my couch. I know it was an awful brass circa 1970's or 1980's! But that's nothing a little paint can't fix! The shade posed the real challenge! Here's the final product:

What do you think?

After cleaning and priming, I painted the lamp a muted red and then glazed it. The shape is great and really stands out now that the brass is gone.

For the shade, I knew I wanted something different! So, I tossed around a few ideas and decided to go with book pages. But, I wanted some that were weathered and yellowed. So, I went to Goodwill in search of a book with old pages (yes I got tons of funny looks)! The one I found couldn't be more fitting!

A Time To Kill
by John Grisham, PERFECT, since it was filmed less than 15 miles up the road from my house!!!
Now, be honest! What do you think? I really do want your feedback! Is this taking me in the direction I want to go...or have I completely lost my mind?

I think I am going to live with it for a while. If I change my mind...I'll just redo it! I can't wait to hear what you think! Thanks for stopping by!
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Melissa said...

That is too cute! I have a lamp shade that I didn't know what to do with. This is great! Thanks for linking up to Tuesday Tell All!

rebecca said...

love the lamp! the shade looks so fun with the red! how did you put the pages on the shade?

Leslie said...

Thank you for all the great feedback, both here and on Facebook! Y'all are so encouraging! Rebecca, I covered the frame of the shade with regular brown wrapping paper and then Mod Podged the pages on! I hope this helps!

Kaitlin said...

I think it looks great and I could totally see that at anthropologie! Plus I totally know what you mean about loving to look at all their decor and arrangements but not wanting to fork over the cask to walk out with anything. It usually first on my shopping trips though just to get inspired!