Friday, October 29, 2010

Am I Crazy?

So, by now you know that I am a BLOG STALKER!!!! I know it's weird, but it is cheap entertainment! Bear with me a minute as I walk you through one of my blog adventures and the CRAZY idea that has come out of it! Earlier this week I was reading this post about a Swap Meet at ALTAR'd and I was intrigued! So, I followed the link to all the details at The Nester, whom I also follow, but I didn't find her until recently!

Then today, as I was walking around my house, I noticed a number of things that just were not working for me anymore. I've told you that I have finally discovered my style and my house is in a slow overhaul. But, the question remains about what to do with the stuff that's not working for me. It's still great stuff, it just doesn't quite go with the vibe I want for my house. So, in my crazy mixed up brain the memory of the Swap Meet collided with the dilemma of the stuff and my CRAZY idea emerged!

I want to host a Swap Meet of my own! I figure I can't be the only person out there who has decor that is not working for them. So here is the break down on how this would work. We would gather at my house and everyone would bring 5 home decor items (from their houses, the key is to not spend any money)! Then we would visit, eat, and "shop"! We would each get to take home 5 new decorations, and it won't cost us a dime! I can't think of better scenario, but I could be the only one who thinks this sounds fun. So, am I CRAZY?

Let me know what you think! Do you have decor you are ready to swap out? If I hosted this, would you come? I need some feedback so I can decide if I should start planning or book myself in the psych ward! Leave me a comment, here or on Facebook!

Thanks for stopping by!

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