Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The "Barbara"

I am working! I promise! I know my projects seem few and far between, but there are several going on right now! I work when I can (in the nooks and crannies)! And anyone with kids knows there aren't many minutes of the day where there is not Something on the schedule! But just so you believe me, this is my garage in its current state:

It is full of finished projects, projects in the works, and projects I haven't gotten to yet! And a few bikes, balls, and a toilet!HA!!! I forgot that was even there until I took the picture! (We changed out the toilet and haven't hauled off the old one yet...just in case you were wondering!)

It has been hard to work here lately. Not only have I been busy with my family, but the weather is NOT cooperating! Here in Mississippi it has been HOT! This means there are only a few short hours where it is bearable to work outside. Today it finally cooled off, but this is what I got:

Overcast and rainy! We got a HUGE storm just after I took this picture! Don't get me wrong, we desperately needed the rain, but it did not help me out with the painting situation! You will be glad to know that I did finish the base coats (it took 3) on a large piece I started last week!
Anyway, the real reason for this post is the piece that is finished! It is a custom piece for my next door neighbor Barbara. She helped me unload this piece the day I bought it and instantly claimed it for herself!

She had been looking for some more storage!

And this pieces has TONS!
Barbara LOVES blue and yellow! Her kitchen is decked out with blue and yellow dishes, pictures, dishtowels, you name it! She even has blue pendant lights! The Lady loves blue and yellow! So, my original plan was to paint this piece blue, then yellow. And then rough it up so the blue would come through! I actually did all that, but it wasn't working for me or Barbara (I am so thankful for her honesty!) All the paint was competing with the unbelievable knobs I had found. So, the second time around, we opted for simple, clean, white! And here she is all finished!

It is perfect! Check out the details on these pulls:

When I found them at Hobby Lobby, they just screamed Barbara's name! They look fabulous against the bright white! I can't wait to see how it looks in her house! If I get pictures of it there, I will definitely share them with all of you! Thanks for stopping by!
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