Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back in the Groove!

I finally got my Mojo back!!!! I've been painting like a crazy woman! I have tons to show you, but I'm going to take it slowly! One thing at a time! First, we will start with a fun piece I named "Twitterpated"! It all started with this old sewing machine cabinet, given to me by my neighbors:

I almost forgot the "Before" shot, so this is after I sanded and started priming! (Don't you LOVE the dropcloth?)

This is the inside, where the sewing machine was usually stored!
After painting, painting, and more painting and then distressing and glazing, here is the "After"

Isn't it just the cutest thing ever! I can just see in college apartment or young girl's room!

The drawers do not function, but they add so much to the design! I kept the original knobs, but spruced them up with a little paint!

The top is handpainted with whimsical birds, hence the name "Twitterpated"!

Both sides and the back are covered in polka dots, but the fun doesn't stop there!

Just look at the inside!

The fold out side has a chalkboard for keeping notes.

And the old sewing machine compartment now holds a basket perfect for hide away storage!

"Twitterpated" is going up in the gallery for sale! So, if you know someone who is looking for side table/desk! Pass this on! Thanks for stopping by!


Chrissie said...

What a wonderful piece! You are quite the artist! I just love it, so fun and whimsical.

Jana said...

Turned out great-visiting from Sundae Scoop!

Catch A Falling Star said...

I am absolutely in love with those birds.
It's the most cutest thing ever!
What a clever ideal!
I especially love the chalkboard part.

Emily said...

what a cute "secret" piece for a little girl to have in her room. i love it!

Tara Lauren said...

You did an amazing job!

*become one of my newest followers to enter the giveaway for the GC to WestElm!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

how fun and colorful is that? i especially love the birdies on the top!